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5 ways to help your child develop concentration


Learning by itself cannot happen without concentration. The ability to concentration is one of the most important qualities your child can have for any type of school experience. The formative stage of concentration occurs from birth to about the age of three.

Here are some tips you can do at home to help your young child develop concentration:

1. Prepare a Montessori-friendly home.
A small space will be ideal. Two essentials would be a child sized table and chairs and a low shelving unit for materials. You can rotate materials and place your materials on tray whenever possible. Organize any educational materials you have by subject. Try to put out materials that meet your child’s needs and interests at the time.

2. Give lots of opportunities for your child to do practical life activities
Start with some simple activities like scooping beans, pouring water then move on to others like washing and cutting activities.

3. Follow your child’s interest.
If your child is interested in a topic or type of work, he or she is more likely to concentrate for long periods (and increase the ability to concentrate along the way)

4. When your child is absorbed in an activity, don’t interrupt.
Allow your child to repeat the activity as many times as he or she wishes.
Just stand back and observe. You will see the true nature of the child.

5. Let your child spend lots of time outdoors in a nature.
We don’t have be anything extravagant, Collect leaves, rocks or pine cones. Sit quietly for a moment and listen, then try to name the sounds you hear. Walk, crawl, roll, jump, toss a ball, climb a tree or ride a bike would be great activities.

Our modern culture contains a multitude of distractions like smartphones, video games, computers, televisions etc. These can create an overabundance of sensory stimulation. Maintaining a clam, controlled and prepared Montessori environment and a clear approach to reducing distractions and sensory overload would be important to foster the power of concentration in a child and help them grow to become happy, independent and fulfilled adults.

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