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About Jolly B

Jolly B ‘s selects toys that give toddlers and preschoolers exposure to age appropriate kids activities that encourage hands-on learning and fun. We wish to inspire our future scientists, artists and explorers through play!

At Jolly B, we have done all the research for you by carefully handpicking safe and fun activities and toys at reasonable prices that not only strengthen the development of your little ones, but also make it easy for you to spend quality time with them.

As parents, we know just how difficult it can be to provide quality experiences for our children on busy schedules. It’s tough to find the time to do the research, come up with ideas and gather materials, that’s what we do best!

Our Educational Toys promote independent play that builds essential skills to help your child develop their multiple intelligence, social and emotional, physical and health, practical life skills and creativity and imagination through play. The latest Neuroscience research states that a child’s brain is developed 90% in the first five years of their little lives. And play is an integral part of your child’s development. Connecting the highways of the mind.  That’s why playing is so important!

Remember play can include:

  • Pre-reading – pretending, learning new words, learning letters, and storytelling
  • Math – counting and quantity, shapes, sizes, adding and subtracting, sorting, and patterns.
  • Science – observation of the various objects (i.e. smooth, rough, etc.), comparison, experimenting, and cause and effect.
  • Social/emotional – sharing, problem-solving, taking turns, working together, and using self-control etc.
  • Physical – hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills etc.
  • Practical life training – buttoning, zipping, scooping etc.

Our promise to you is that each item will help your child learn and grow through play while creating memories that you and your child will cherish forever!

Who’s behind this site?

Hello, I am Wing.  I am a mother of an adorable girl – Kay, and a lover of the Montessori play based curriculum for young children. As a new mom, I craved parenting information that would help me facilitate learning opportunities and play based ideas to keep her busy and happy.

Like lots of parents, I want the best for my daughter but did not have a huge budget to spend on toys. Finding well-made, fun toys that she could learn and grow with was a must!
I also have over fourteen years industry experience as a party planner, developing creative & fun activities and entertainment for kids and adults, which adds a little twist to it all.
Jolly B is my happy place where I have fun with my kid, family and friends.


Miss Maria
An experienced and loving Montessori Directress started her teaching journey since 1998. She is now running a Montessori center in Toronto, Canada. She reviews our toys and activities on and on to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and enriching. Through Jolly B’s blog, she is going to share more Montessori ideas and parenting tips with us.

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