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5 ways to help your child develop concentration


Learning by itself cannot happen without concentration. The ability to concentration is one of the most important qualities your child can have for any type of school experience. The formative stage of concentration occurs from birth to about the age of three.

Here are some tips you can do at home to help your young child develop concentration:

1. Prepare a Montessori-friendly home.
A small space will be ideal. Two essentials would be a child sized table and chairs and a low shelving unit for materials. You can rotate materials and place your materials on tray whenever possible. Organize any educational materials you have by subject. Try to put out materials that meet your child’s needs and interests at the time.

2. Give lots of opportunities for your child to do practical life activities
Start with some simple activities like scooping beans, pouring water then move on to others like washing and cutting activities.

3. Follow your child’s interest.
If your child is interested in a topic or type of work, he or she is more likely to concentrate for long periods (and increase the ability to concentrate along the way)

4. When your child is absorbed in an activity, don’t interrupt.
Allow your child to repeat the activity as many times as he or she wishes.
Just stand back and observe. You will see the true nature of the child.

5. Let your child spend lots of time outdoors in a nature.
We don’t have be anything extravagant, Collect leaves, rocks or pine cones. Sit quietly for a moment and listen, then try to name the sounds you hear. Walk, crawl, roll, jump, toss a ball, climb a tree or ride a bike would be great activities.

Our modern culture contains a multitude of distractions like smartphones, video games, computers, televisions etc. These can create an overabundance of sensory stimulation. Maintaining a clam, controlled and prepared Montessori environment and a clear approach to reducing distractions and sensory overload would be important to foster the power of concentration in a child and help them grow to become happy, independent and fulfilled adults.

Mideer Storybook Torch Make Kids’ Childhood Memorable


This MiDeer Kids Storybook torch would bring your kids great fun and we can’t wait to share this lovely little toy with you!

This beautiful story-telling torch comes with four different projection discs that clip onto its end.  Each of the discs, when projected onto the wall or ceiling, tells a colorful story.

mideer kids story torch

The 4 fairy tales cover The three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The cat and the fox and The ugly duckling. 32 images projection are included.

-Best to have bedtime stories with kids to take your baby to a gentle sleep.

-A pleasant design and cute image-changing picture projector, allow children to continuously enjoy the play of hands and fingertips, stimulating the whole brain when viewing the images.

-This interactive toy also encourages your kids to tell their own version of stories than expand their vocabularies, develops their language and presentation skills and also inspires imagination!

What a wonderful gift that makes your kids’ childhood memorable and creates lots of family fun and laughter!

To know more about this story torch, pls visit:




The ultimate gift guide – 30+ amazing gift ideas for every toddler and preschooler!

the ultimate gift guide Christmas holiday for toddler and preschooler

Christmas festive season is coming up and many are starting to look for beautiful and meaningful gifts to give to their children, nieces, nephews and friends. There are wonderful non-toy gift ideas that kids would love, but it is also great to give something that will make their day even more special that IS a toy.

Often we, as adults, have misconception that in order for the toy to be attractive and fun for child to play with it has to be bright, nosy, seen many times on TV, and made from cheap material so when it breaks – it is not a big deal. However, children can learn great lessons from educational toys made from quality material, such as wood. Educational toys are so crazy fun for kids to play with. They usually last a lot longer too. Montessori and Montessori friendly toys are great for all children and all ages.

Here is the Ultimate Gift Guide for Toddlers and Preschoolers with 30+ fun, creative, and educational gift ideas for 1-5 yrs old!

Wonderful stocking stuffers
They might be the least expensive items on your gift-giving list, and often they’re last-minute picks, but that doesn’t mean that stocking stuffers can’t be just as thoughtful as the other gifts you plan on giving. These are some fun items to surprise your kids!

Pretend Play Road / Track Tape

car track sticker fun DIY kids activities

Fun Finger Ink Pads

diy multicolors fingerpaint ink pad
Mideer Imaginative 3D Paper Kaleidoscope

mideer children kaleidoscope variety prism colorful world educational preschool science toy
MiDeer Story Torch

mideer kids story torch

Educational Toys

These are our hot picks and favorites!
Building blocks are great for motor skills, hand eye coordination and creative thinking. These are the beautiful ones not only inspires imagination but also develops sense of aesthetic.

Rainbow Blocks

wooden toddler toy rainbow blocks

Tree building blocks
wooden toy tree building blocks orange

Color Wheel Puzzle

wooden toy color wheel

Manhattan Toy Tree House Stack Up 

Manhattan toys treehouse stack up

Puzzles are such a fantastic learning tool for hand eye coordination and logical thinking (You can also see 7 reasons why children need puzzles). Some may think that their children are too young for that, but you will be surprised how quickly they will master the skills. The ability to work on puzzles is a skill that needs to be taught, so the earlier they start the better.

Multi Layer Puzzle – Body Structure

wooden layer puzzle body structure
Masterkidz Wooden Learning Puzzles

masterkidz wooden alphabets learning puzzle
Mideer Tangram Puzzle

mideer colorful tangram
Goki Wooden Cube Puzzle Game

preschool wooden toy goki cube matching puzzle game spatial logical

Sorting and matching toys develop logical thinking to objects and beginning mathematical concepts and organization in every day life in general.

Pom Poms Sorting with Buckets

toddler montessori learning game pom pom sorting color matching

Shapes Matching Eggs

toddler educational toy egg matching game shape color match

MiDeer Mosaic Sketchpad

MiDeer preschool learning game mosaic sketchpad

Montessori Four Color Logical Thinking Game

montessori materials wooden toy logical thinking game

Stacking, seemingly simple toys, pack a big punch when it comes to early learning development includes fine motor skills, visual and spatial perception and language skills etc. Kids can naturally think outside of the box, so encourage them to look for alternative uses for whatever’s at hand.

Red Fox Block Set

classic world red fox blocks set

Owl Blocks Set

classic world owl blocks set

Balance Stacking Game

classic world balance stacking game

3D Column Stacking Puzzle Block

3D column stacking puzzle

Young Children learn by imagining and doing. Pretend play is not as simple as it may seem. The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas like social skills, self expression, encourages critical thinking and nurture imagination.

Doctor Case with Wooden Accessories

classic world doctor kit

Pretend Play – Afternoon Tea Set

classic world afternoon tea set

Pretend Play – Cup Cake Tower Toy Set

classic world cup cake set

Wee Baby Stella Sets

manhattan toy bb stella sweet scents birthday set


STEM friendly toys and learning games that are open ended, encourages kids’ exploration as well as logical thinking and inspires curiosity through different approaches!

Jolly Mags

jolly mags magnetic tiles

Magnetic Match Rings

magnetic match rings

Inductive Truck Toy Car

mini inductive truck

Wooden Magnetic labyrinth

wooden magnetic labyrinth

Meaningful toys that are educational and long lasting that teaches our kids things in the world and mankind’s culture that are so meaningful that cultivate the motives of exploration and love of learning.

Mideer Hello, World! Magnetic Fun


3D Animal Puzzles

upsize 3d puzzle safari animals

Innovative Kids Frictional Stories with Toys

InnovativeKids Jr Groovies In the Wild

Special Art and Craft set are always great for sensory play and family fun; good for nurturing creativity and imagination from early age!

Paint Brush and Stamps Gift Sets

Christmas kids art and craft set

MiDeer Spirals Drawing Tools Set

mideer spiral rulers art set

DIY Paper Bank Buddy

fun kids art and craft buddy bank


7 Reasons Why Children Need Puzzles

7 reasons why children need puzzle

Do you and your kids love to play puzzles? If not, you might want to start! You may have heard that puzzles are good for your child’s development but do you know why? Here are 7 reasons why children need puzzles, even at an early age.

Hand eye coordination

Playing with puzzles requires processing skills often referred to as “trial and error”. It’s one of the main ways that children learn. Children need to flip, turn, and remove pieces of a puzzle to not only learn how things work but to develop vital hand and eye coordination.

If placing a piece of the puzzle that does not fit on the first try, they have to try all over again until they are able to begin to understand the process. The brain, eyes, and hands work together to find the piece, manipulate it accordingly, and fit it into the puzzle accurately. Even if they are not able to complete the puzzle, the process helps build vital connections in the brain.

Fine motor skills

Puzzles are a fun way for children to develop their fine motor skills. These skills are

important for future handwriting and self-care activities. While playing puzzles, children are required to pick up, pinch and grasp pieces (some with small knobs, pegs or chunky pieces) and move them around, manipulating them into slots, sorting them and fitting them into the correct places. This process helps the hands and fingers understand how to use buttons, zippers and pencils in the future.

Setting small goals & problem solving

Completing a puzzle, even the most simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve.

Kids have to think and develop strategies on how to approach in achieving this goal such as they may do all the edge pieces first, for instance, or sort all the pieces into piles according to colors or shapes. This helps a child learn to achieve small goals as a means toward a larger goal.

This process involves problem solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which they can later be transferred into vital skill in adult life. Plus when they do a puzzle they instantly realize that sometimes they won’t get the answer right on the first try. This is valuable because it shows us we always have to keep moving forward.

Shape Recognition

For young children, even babies, learning to recognize and sort shapes is an important part of their development. Puzzles can help little ones with this, since the pieces need to be recognized and sorted before they can be assembled. It’s important that they not only see the shapes but also that they feel them with their fingers.


Simple jigsaw puzzles and other types of puzzles may help enhance a child’s memory. For example, a child will need to recall the size, color and shape of various pieces as he or she works through the puzzle. If a piece doesn’t fit, the child sets it aside; but he or she will need to remember that piece when it is needed.

Social skills

Puzzles are a great educational tool to enhance and promote cooperative play.  As kids work together to complete a puzzle, they will discuss where a piece should go and why, take turns and share and support each other when handling frustration, then sharing the joy of finishing the puzzle.

Self esteem

The accomplishment of achieving a goal brings so much satisfaction to a child.  Overcoming the challenges involved in solving a puzzle really gives them a sense of achievement and pride within themselves.  It provides a boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem as this prepares them for other challenges in life.

Puzzles are such a fantastic learning tool for hand eye coordination and logical thinking. Some may think that their children are too young for that, but you will be surprised how quickly they will master the skills. The ability to work on puzzles is a skill that needs to be taught, so the earlier they start the better.

Find a wide selection of puzzles right here on Jolly B!  Here’s our favorite one’s for your toddler and preschooler:
MiDeer Geometry and Animal
Multi Layer Puzzle – Body Structure
MiDeer Colorful Tangram
Masterkidz Wooden Alphabet Learning Puzzle 
Masterkidz Wooden Numbers Learning Puzzle 

How to Teach Kids to Jump Rope

mideer jumping rope
Teaching your children to jump rope is a great way to encourage them to exercise each day. Jumping rope not only can keep children busy on a day off from school or when their friends are away, it is a very good activity in keeping you and your kids healthy. An activity strengthens your bone, improves hand eye coordination, stamina, balance and releases strength.

If your child seems confused or unable to jump rope at first, don’t worry. It’s a simple enough skill that takes some getting used to in the beginning. Be patient with your child and demonstrate the technique until he/she gets it.

Step 1

Jump rope a few times in front of your child so that he/she sees how it is done. Don’t try to impress him/ her with your speed. Go slowly so that he/she can observe the motions of your wrists and legs.

Step 2

Practice jumping or hopping with your child. Tell him/her to stand with his/her feet a few inches apart. Have him/her hop up and down in one place several times.

Step 3

Stretch a jump rope straight across the floor. Instruct your child to hop over it, without touching it, a few times.

Step 4

Show your child how to hold her arms while jumping. Place your arms at your sides and bend your elbows. Press your elbows gently into your sides, just under your rib cage. Arrange your child’s arms yourself if he/she is having difficulty.

Step 5

Place the rope’s handles in his/her hands. The jump rope should fall onto the floor just behind his/her heels. Flick his/her wrists so that the jump rope leaps into the air, over the head. Let your child practices flicking the wrists to maneuver the rope without raising the arms into the air a few times before moving on to jumping over the falling rope.

Step 6

Tell your kid to jump as the rope falls toward the feet. Repeat this a few times, until the your little one seems to get the hang of it, then let him/her jump on his/her own as he/she swings the rope.

Check out this pretty wooden jumping rope for your child now:

A design revolution of Scooter Bike by Scoot & Ride

While having a young family, you would make sure every dollar you spend provides value for money. However, with kids growing up so fast, it is not always the way works out. The Austrian Designed Scoot & Ride changes all that with its revolutionary balance bikes/scooters range that are suitable for ages 12 months plus right through until they reach 50 Kilograms.

The Scoot and Ride range, the Highway Baby, Highway Baby+ and Highway Kick 1 incorporate the same revolutionary design that are exciting and fun for kids to ride as they grow from toddlers into young children.
scoot and ride highway kick 1

The concept of the Scoot and Ride is revolutionary yet simple, they could best be described as the transformers of the Balance Bike / Scooter world. In a few seconds the Balance Bike can be transformed to a scooter and when the little legs get tired, back again to a balance bike, no tools, no mess and no fuss just a great design concept at work. Not only that but the Scoot & Ride comes fully assembled ready to ride. The Scoot & Ride range easily fit in the back of almost any car and are lightweight and easy to lift for parents.

The Scoot & Ride range is available in three designs. The first, the Highway Kick 1 is available in bright Pink, Red, Lime or Blue colours and features a reverse tricycle type set up with 2 larger front wheels and a smaller scooter sized wheel at the back. The Highway Kick 1 also features a stopper at the front just in case your child goes into long grass or soft ground and the bike/scooter tries to flip forward, it will be stopped by the stopper. A great safety addition for your young adventurer.

scoot and ride highway kick red

The Highway Baby as well as Highway Baby plus design, The Highway Baby features a larger single front wheel and a smaller back wheel is available in a two tone Blue/orange or a Pink/yellow colour scheme. This model does not feature the stopper on the front, but the larger front wheel negates the need for this in all but the most extreme cases.


All of the Scoot & Ride range feature solid rubber tyres, adjustable seat heights (in balance bike mode) and adjustable handlebar heights to grow with your child.

For more details, visit here:

The Upsize 3D Puzzle is a Fun, Multi-functional Toy for Young Children!

Designed for kids at different stages of growth from infancy to age 5, the Upsize 3D Puzzle is a fun, multi-functional toy for young children. You can play with the animals on their own, use the maps to talk about different parts of the world or even put multiple sets together to form one large play space.

Each set comes with 4 puzzle pieces to assemble which form a map, 4 animal puzzles and a map backdrop which makes it fun to learn about animals and where they come from. Sets feature animals specific to that area of the world which makes this a great way to introduce geography to young children.

So how do you play?

Puzzle pieces in different colors are built into 3D animals that kids can play with and learn at the same time! Some of the key skills children can learn through playing with this toy are:

– Enhance eye-hand coordination
– Shape recognition and matching ability
– Problem solving and critical thinking skills
– Fine motor skills
– Persistence, concentration and abstract thinking
– Foster Imaginative play
– Stimulate sense of touch with patterned surface over the pieces
– Colorful pieces encourage development of strong visual skills

This toy is made with good quality EVA without that harsh smell that many products have. The puzzle pieces are in random colors which makes each set unique.

Here’s how we played with this awesome toy – Upsize 3D Puzzle!

3D puzzle mat

Among the 6 themes, K would like to try Ocean theme first. When we opened it, there were 4 playmats, a set of paper puzzles and a die cut paper backdrop.

3D puzzle 5

It was easy for her to do the 2D puzzle map. She quickly finished matching the pieces together.

3D puzzle 4

It was bit challenging for her to make the 3D puzzle because she had not tried before.

3D puzzle 7

After putting the 3D puzzle together, we introduced each animal to her one by one. Then the fun imagery play starts! Animals meeting and talking to each other. a Sea Lion climbed up the iceberg-swimming everywhere. There was a shark chasing the sea lion- her play changed and developed as she assembled new animals.

3D puzzle 3

3D puzzle 6

She had so much fun!

Don’t forget you can collect 6 themes to form a giant map! This is a great way for kids to learn about different categories of animals and where they are from!

Upsize 3D Puzzle

Inspiring Quotes for Parenting on Early Childhood

Parenting is the hardest job in the world! Each week, we round up some inspiring parenting quotes about parenting in early years. Scroll down to read our latest batch and follow our Instagram and Facebook for more!


A good toy is 90% child and 10% toy.

parenting quote Feb 28 2017


When your “mom voice” is so loud that every your neighbors brush their teeth and get dressed.

parenting quote Feb 24 2017


“Love your children more than your ego. Love your children enough to allow them to progress through childhood as non perfect being who are a work in progress, just like you are.” Nicholeen Peck

parenting quote feb 21 2017


“A child can teach an adult three things:

to be happy for no reason,
to always be curious,
and to fight tirelessly for something.”
Paulo Coelho
parenting quote Feb 17 2017


“I never believed in love at first sight, but that all changed the moment I became a mother.” Rachel Fssling

parenting quote Feb 13 2017


Every time I say, “NO”, my kids hears, “Ask again, she didn’t understand the question.”

parenting quote Feb 9 2017

Inspire your preschooler’s imagination: Fun with Shapes

wooden toy color wheel
(Photo source:

This is one of the most amazing color wheel’s you’ll ever get to play with! Not only is it colorful, you can create animals, letters shapes and more with the beautifully shaped curves of the pieces.

The traditional color wheel was geometrically redesigned to resemble an iris with the edges of each of the twelve wedges arched to allow the user to create a variety of designs. Kids can make a number of designs by just moving the shapes.

One Shape, Infinite Possibilities

The Chrysanthos color wheel consists of twelve Trigeod shapes and is designed to evoke imagination and creativity. It’s the shapes that allow the children to stack and connect each piece to create their own vision.

Not only is this a creative toy, it is a great teacher resource for challenging children to think out of the box. Children can play with it on their own or with other toys like cars or animal figures. It truly is multi-functional.

wooden toy color wheel
Some imaginative designs that the kindergarten students have created (Photo source:

The importance of the Trigeod in play

Creativity is being able to use different elements and express them in a uniquely comprehensible way based on your own personal experiences. The Trigeod promotes this expression in a natural unhindered fashion through open ended play.

This is a process that many children don’t have the chance to experience but it’s valuable to problem-solving, design and creativity. Children will naturally explore the shapes of the pieces and the many ways that you can connect and build with them.

Because of the Trigeod shapes, children are not only playing but dealing with unique problem solving task and decision making. The limits of the Chrysanthos color wheel are only dependent on what the user can imagine.

This is a great toy for children as young as age 3. Who’s ready to have fun with color and shapes?

(Video source:

Inspiring Quotes for Parenting on Early Childhood

Parenting is the hardest job in the world! Each week, we round up some inspiring parenting quotes about parenting in early years. Scroll down to read our latest batch and follow our Instagram and Facebook for more!

“(24/7) Once you sign on to be a mother, that’s the only shift they offer.” Jodi Picoult

parenting quote Jan 21 2017

You know that you’re a mom. When a 15 minute shower with the door locked feels like a day at the spa.

parenting quote Jan 18 2017

I hope you know you’re capable and brave and significant. Even when it feels like you’re not.

parenting quote Jan 10 2017


Sticker Spider Web

A fun kid activity to play at home during Halloween!

toddler activity spider web

It just takes you less than 10 minutes for set up!

Just loving using plastic tapes to create activities for my toddler at home as it is:

– simple and easy to prepare

– too many different games could be developed

– easy to clean up

Plastic tapes – a must have item to be kept at home just in case your toddler tells you he/she is bored and needs some entertainment! :  )

Learned this from, I just cut the tapes into different lengths and make the spider web span the width of the door. I have made it more than half of the doorway so to fit the height of my girl.

toddler activity spider web

We tried to throw different items like ping pongs, paper balls and see if they could get stuck in the spider web. Finally, these stainless steel wire brushes worked the best! : )

A neat way to show kids how things get stuck on webs through this activity!

My toddler also learned:

– Hand eye coordination by aiming the target

– Gross motor exercise

– Visual tracking and focus

– Exploration by trying to get different things stuck in the web

Apart from being a fun Halloween activity, this would pair nicely with talking about spiders, their webs while reading stories too!


the paint box paper bank buddy monster

If your little one loves creative activities look no further than Money Bank. This kit arrived in the mail and it was so much fun! We loved the packaging! This product is really a lot of fun! The Paint Box from Laion is one of our favorite products they have!

Here are a few of the features:

•Products are conformed to International Safety Standards

•Innovation – They care about early childhood development, they are dedicated in the development  of a line of arts and crafts products that are suitable for needs for young kids from 2 years old and up

•All the products are colorful and suitable for many ages

•For the monster bank buddy it is a kit includes all you need to make a cute paper money bank. Parents and kids can have fun making something during the holidays!

Buddy Bank

Everything is included in the kit to make a really cute bank. Kids get to use pattern cards, paint and design the look of the bank themselves.Following the directions, you’ll tape the two pieces together and then begin wrapping the paper body together using moist paper tape. It’s really easy and kids can help out too!


Buddy Bank

The directions are easy to read and also have a visual guide so kids can explain the process for each step you do together. This is great for young learners because it inspires them to use new words, explain what they see and also how to follow “steps”. If you allow them, preschoolers and Kindergarten age children could possibly complete the craft with little assistance.

Buddy Bank

Once it has fully dried, kids can begin painting. It’s so great for self expression and fine motor skills. Each task builds on the next. Let kids pick the colors, mix the colors and design the “look” of their bank. Remember it’s their vision so if they mix five colors together…no worries!


Buddy Bank

Once their bank is dry, kids can either cut out the eyes and facial features and apply them or paint/draw on a face themselves. Kids might also be inspired to use leftover collage items to design their bank. Just remember that when all the painting is done, you will need to seal it with the included clear gel. Again, the design of the bank is their choice. Let them guide the creation of the bank, there’s no right or wrong!

Buddy Bank

It’s a cute money bank that kids can use and decorate their room with. It also encourages beginning money management and of course it’s a creative project!

It says it is for 6+. Young kids can still participate most of the steps. Great experience for them to create something from scratch that develops patience, skill and creativity!

This was such a fun project and it would make a great gift!

Want to encourage more creativity? Check out these supplies:

Toddler Art Supplies – Crayon Shape Matching Game

the paint box shape matching crayon

Baby’s First Crayon – 24 Color Chubby Finger Crayons

the paint box chubby finger crayons

Toddler Art Supplies – Chubby Markers

the paint box chubby markers


Toddler Art Supplies – Tic Tac Toe Crayon

the paint box tic tac toe crayon

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