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Beading with Feathers

toddler activity beading with feather

Beading with feathers – fine motor and color matching activity!
You may need a quick little activity for kids while you need a coffee break or making dinner and keep your kids busy! This is a good one which is easy to prepare!
Among all the beading activities,  we love this most so far due to the comfortable touch and the beautiful colors of the feathers!
You just need seconds to set up this feather beading activity!
What you need:
-Colored EVA beads
-Colored feathers
toddler activity beading feather

Pincer grasp activity and hand eye coordination activity for toddlers

I just randomly shared K beads with different colors, shapes and sizes to work with.
So, she has to visually scan for the colors needed and pick out the beads she need with the tips of the index finger and the thumb. Using pincer grasp to manipulate beads then put on the feathers with matched colors is great for hand eye coordination!
toddler activity beading with feather

Bilateral hand coordination exercise for kids!

Holding the feather and the beads requires two hands to work together in a coordinated way -bilateral hand coordination.  This is a great way to practice pre-writing skills and those requirements needed for self-care such as buttoning, zipping, shoe-tying, and scissor skills etc.

toddler activity beading with feathers

What my toddler learn through this feather beading activity?
She practiced:
-Fine motor pincer grasp
-Hand eye coordination
-Visual scanning
-Color and shape learning, sorting and matching
-Bilateral hand coordination
One simple activity with so many benefits!! You have to try!
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