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the paint box paper bank buddy monster

If your little one loves creative activities look no further than Money Bank. This kit arrived in the mail and it was so much fun! We loved the packaging! This product is really a lot of fun! The Paint Box from Laion is one of our favorite products they have!

Here are a few of the features:

•Products are conformed to International Safety Standards

•Innovation – They care about early childhood development, they are dedicated in the development  of a line of arts and crafts products that are suitable for needs for young kids from 2 years old and up

•All the products are colorful and suitable for many ages

•For the monster bank buddy it is a kit includes all you need to make a cute paper money bank. Parents and kids can have fun making something during the holidays!

Buddy Bank

Everything is included in the kit to make a really cute bank. Kids get to use pattern cards, paint and design the look of the bank themselves.Following the directions, you’ll tape the two pieces together and then begin wrapping the paper body together using moist paper tape. It’s really easy and kids can help out too!


Buddy Bank

The directions are easy to read and also have a visual guide so kids can explain the process for each step you do together. This is great for young learners because it inspires them to use new words, explain what they see and also how to follow “steps”. If you allow them, preschoolers and Kindergarten age children could possibly complete the craft with little assistance.

Buddy Bank

Once it has fully dried, kids can begin painting. It’s so great for self expression and fine motor skills. Each task builds on the next. Let kids pick the colors, mix the colors and design the “look” of their bank. Remember it’s their vision so if they mix five colors together…no worries!


Buddy Bank

Once their bank is dry, kids can either cut out the eyes and facial features and apply them or paint/draw on a face themselves. Kids might also be inspired to use leftover collage items to design their bank. Just remember that when all the painting is done, you will need to seal it with the included clear gel. Again, the design of the bank is their choice. Let them guide the creation of the bank, there’s no right or wrong!

Buddy Bank

It’s a cute money bank that kids can use and decorate their room with. It also encourages beginning money management and of course it’s a creative project!

It says it is for 6+. Young kids can still participate most of the steps. Great experience for them to create something from scratch that develops patience, skill and creativity!

This was such a fun project and it would make a great gift!

Want to encourage more creativity? Check out these supplies:

Toddler Art Supplies – Crayon Shape Matching Game

the paint box shape matching crayon

Baby’s First Crayon – 24 Color Chubby Finger Crayons

the paint box chubby finger crayons

Toddler Art Supplies – Chubby Markers

the paint box chubby markers


Toddler Art Supplies – Tic Tac Toe Crayon

the paint box tic tac toe crayon

Keeping Toddler Hands Busy: Chubby Markers

the paint box chubby markers

Our Chubby markers should be a part of every toddlers arts and crafts time! Designed to help toddlers grasp the markers successfully, our Chubby Markers are perfect for those ages 1-4 years old.

Here are just a few of the features of our Chubby Markers:

-Fresh & eye catching color for user to create beautiful drawings

-Made of natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry if they end up in someone’s mouth

-Non toxic, safe for kids of all ages

-Non rolling marker not easy to drop on floor/roll off a table

-Chubby markers are easy to grasp, allowing the hands to hold and draw comfortably

-Big round felt tip makes drawing easy

-6 refill ink tubes so you have plenty of hours of art ahead

There are many sets of Chubby Markers for toddlers however this chubby marker is designed with a strong round felt tip not easy to be broken. Unlike tradition marker sets, it’s geared to kids just learning to draw and color. The size and width of the markers is just perfect for small hands.

With a semi- circular tip and a chubby body, it is easy for little hands to grasp and draw smoothly. Coloring with them is a great way to encourage pre-writing skills and muscle control as well as self-expression. Plus they are easy to clean up!

chubby markers review

We love that the markers create beautiful colors so kids not only can create amazing drawings, but you can use them for other toddler activities as your child grows!

We can’t wait to see what your child creates with them!  Don’t forget that our Chubby Marker set makes a great gift too! Pair it with our DIY Multi Color Finger Paints Ink Pad, 24 Color Chubby Finger Crayons, and Paint Brushes and Stamps to make a whole art kit!


Dot Connecting Activity

Connect the dots and make a beautiful piece of picture!

toddler activity dot connecting

Need a fun activity to develop pre-writing skills? You have to try this dot connecting activity – your little learners will love it! It’s a combination of color matching, fine motor, hand eye coordination activity and that’s lots of fun in one simple project.
Set up this dot connecting activity in just seconds!
Things you just need:
-a piece of paper
-colored dotted stickers
-chubby markers
This is an activity builds confidence in writing and drawing, it is suggested to use pens that allow little fingers to hold with ease and draw comfortably. Also pen tip should not be too sharp for safety reasons.  Bright and appealing colors would make the activity more fun and interesting!
Let the dot connecting game begins!
1. I invited K randomly placed some colored dotted stickers on a paper. She’s so excited as she always loves playing with stickers (Playing stickers is great fine motor activity too!) While she was placing the stickers, this offered a chance to learn about the colors and practice counting.
toddler activity dot connect
2. I showed her once how to draw a line to connect two dots in same colors. Then she was so eager to try! It’s fun to see her draw the lines in her own way to create an interesting picture!
Love these chubby markers that is easy to grasp and controlled by little hands that she can draw lines and curves easily!
toddler activity dot connect
3. A cute picture was easily made and K was so happy to share her picture with every one!
toddler activity dot connect
Extensions of this dot connecting activity:
We can make words, shapes, names with dots and let kids do the connecting!
My toddler also learned though this preschool activity:
– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination
– Color matching
– Pre writing skills exercise
Would your kids like dot connecting with these dot stickers?
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