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Mideer Storybook Torch Make Kids’ Childhood Memorable


This MiDeer Kids Storybook torch would bring your kids great fun and we can’t wait to share this lovely little toy with you!

This beautiful story-telling torch comes with four different projection discs that clip onto its end.  Each of the discs, when projected onto the wall or ceiling, tells a colorful story.

mideer kids story torch

The 4 fairy tales cover The three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The cat and the fox and The ugly duckling. 32 images projection are included.

-Best to have bedtime stories with kids to take your baby to a gentle sleep.

-A pleasant design and cute image-changing picture projector, allow children to continuously enjoy the play of hands and fingertips, stimulating the whole brain when viewing the images.

-This interactive toy also encourages your kids to tell their own version of stories than expand their vocabularies, develops their language and presentation skills and also inspires imagination!

What a wonderful gift that makes your kids’ childhood memorable and creates lots of family fun and laughter!

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A design revolution of Scooter Bike by Scoot & Ride

While having a young family, you would make sure every dollar you spend provides value for money. However, with kids growing up so fast, it is not always the way works out. The Austrian Designed Scoot & Ride changes all that with its revolutionary balance bikes/scooters range that are suitable for ages 12 months plus right through until they reach 50 Kilograms.

The Scoot and Ride range, the Highway Baby, Highway Baby+ and Highway Kick 1 incorporate the same revolutionary design that are exciting and fun for kids to ride as they grow from toddlers into young children.
scoot and ride highway kick 1

The concept of the Scoot and Ride is revolutionary yet simple, they could best be described as the transformers of the Balance Bike / Scooter world. In a few seconds the Balance Bike can be transformed to a scooter and when the little legs get tired, back again to a balance bike, no tools, no mess and no fuss just a great design concept at work. Not only that but the Scoot & Ride comes fully assembled ready to ride. The Scoot & Ride range easily fit in the back of almost any car and are lightweight and easy to lift for parents.

The Scoot & Ride range is available in three designs. The first, the Highway Kick 1 is available in bright Pink, Red, Lime or Blue colours and features a reverse tricycle type set up with 2 larger front wheels and a smaller scooter sized wheel at the back. The Highway Kick 1 also features a stopper at the front just in case your child goes into long grass or soft ground and the bike/scooter tries to flip forward, it will be stopped by the stopper. A great safety addition for your young adventurer.

scoot and ride highway kick red

The Highway Baby as well as Highway Baby plus design, The Highway Baby features a larger single front wheel and a smaller back wheel is available in a two tone Blue/orange or a Pink/yellow colour scheme. This model does not feature the stopper on the front, but the larger front wheel negates the need for this in all but the most extreme cases.


All of the Scoot & Ride range feature solid rubber tyres, adjustable seat heights (in balance bike mode) and adjustable handlebar heights to grow with your child.

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Inspire your preschooler’s imagination: Fun with Shapes

wooden toy color wheel
(Photo source:

This is one of the most amazing color wheel’s you’ll ever get to play with! Not only is it colorful, you can create animals, letters shapes and more with the beautifully shaped curves of the pieces.

The traditional color wheel was geometrically redesigned to resemble an iris with the edges of each of the twelve wedges arched to allow the user to create a variety of designs. Kids can make a number of designs by just moving the shapes.

One Shape, Infinite Possibilities

The Chrysanthos color wheel consists of twelve Trigeod shapes and is designed to evoke imagination and creativity. It’s the shapes that allow the children to stack and connect each piece to create their own vision.

Not only is this a creative toy, it is a great teacher resource for challenging children to think out of the box. Children can play with it on their own or with other toys like cars or animal figures. It truly is multi-functional.

wooden toy color wheel
Some imaginative designs that the kindergarten students have created (Photo source:

The importance of the Trigeod in play

Creativity is being able to use different elements and express them in a uniquely comprehensible way based on your own personal experiences. The Trigeod promotes this expression in a natural unhindered fashion through open ended play.

This is a process that many children don’t have the chance to experience but it’s valuable to problem-solving, design and creativity. Children will naturally explore the shapes of the pieces and the many ways that you can connect and build with them.

Because of the Trigeod shapes, children are not only playing but dealing with unique problem solving task and decision making. The limits of the Chrysanthos color wheel are only dependent on what the user can imagine.

This is a great toy for children as young as age 3. Who’s ready to have fun with color and shapes?

(Video source:


the paint box paper bank buddy monster

If your little one loves creative activities look no further than Money Bank. This kit arrived in the mail and it was so much fun! We loved the packaging! This product is really a lot of fun! The Paint Box from Laion is one of our favorite products they have!

Here are a few of the features:

•Products are conformed to International Safety Standards

•Innovation – They care about early childhood development, they are dedicated in the development  of a line of arts and crafts products that are suitable for needs for young kids from 2 years old and up

•All the products are colorful and suitable for many ages

•For the monster bank buddy it is a kit includes all you need to make a cute paper money bank. Parents and kids can have fun making something during the holidays!

Buddy Bank

Everything is included in the kit to make a really cute bank. Kids get to use pattern cards, paint and design the look of the bank themselves.Following the directions, you’ll tape the two pieces together and then begin wrapping the paper body together using moist paper tape. It’s really easy and kids can help out too!


Buddy Bank

The directions are easy to read and also have a visual guide so kids can explain the process for each step you do together. This is great for young learners because it inspires them to use new words, explain what they see and also how to follow “steps”. If you allow them, preschoolers and Kindergarten age children could possibly complete the craft with little assistance.

Buddy Bank

Once it has fully dried, kids can begin painting. It’s so great for self expression and fine motor skills. Each task builds on the next. Let kids pick the colors, mix the colors and design the “look” of their bank. Remember it’s their vision so if they mix five colors together…no worries!


Buddy Bank

Once their bank is dry, kids can either cut out the eyes and facial features and apply them or paint/draw on a face themselves. Kids might also be inspired to use leftover collage items to design their bank. Just remember that when all the painting is done, you will need to seal it with the included clear gel. Again, the design of the bank is their choice. Let them guide the creation of the bank, there’s no right or wrong!

Buddy Bank

It’s a cute money bank that kids can use and decorate their room with. It also encourages beginning money management and of course it’s a creative project!

It says it is for 6+. Young kids can still participate most of the steps. Great experience for them to create something from scratch that develops patience, skill and creativity!

This was such a fun project and it would make a great gift!

Want to encourage more creativity? Check out these supplies:

Toddler Art Supplies – Crayon Shape Matching Game

the paint box shape matching crayon

Baby’s First Crayon – 24 Color Chubby Finger Crayons

the paint box chubby finger crayons

Toddler Art Supplies – Chubby Markers

the paint box chubby markers


Toddler Art Supplies – Tic Tac Toe Crayon

the paint box tic tac toe crayon

Magnetic Fun! Learn more about our Magnetic Game Sets

If you are looking for something that combines eye hand coordination and have a little silly fun then this very cute magnetic game set would be great. Children can practice identifying facial features while creating a variety of faces.

Each set features twelve stock faces to choose from and dozens of face accessories, all magnetic and easy to store. Kids can make a game out of it by selecting the right magnets to build a face that matches with the game cards or design their own.
fun magnetic game faces facial features

We love this magnetic game set!

-It was exciting to open the treasure box each time and discover what is inside. Good to encourage exploration and observation.

-We also used the set as a sorting game grouping the various pieces together. Great for observation and logical thinking.

-We had fun picking a game card and tried to get the right magnets to put on the board. We observed and described each facial feature, color and style of the hair, different colors of eyes, various shapes of nose and mouth etc. Good for visual processing, comparing and matching skills as well as problem solving skills.

-It was an engaging game and we had a great time doing it together as mother and daughter.

magnetic fun faces

-This is great for developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too. It also helped with building concentration and stamina because there were a number of small tasks to complete and they had to be done one by one.

-There is white board at another side, kids can try to draw the cute faces based on the cards. Also, an opportunity for creative play and kids can draw with a dry erase marker or create fun visuals with the magnets. We could make silly faces, line up the eyes and even count the pieces.

If your child prefers vehicles, we also have a set themed with vehicles that is a lot of fun!

magnetic fun vehicles

One of the bonuses with the vehicle set is that the magnetic pieces store neatly in different compartments of the box which adds to the fun!

Additionally we have a set featuring different places in the world and allows children to begin exploring the world’s different cultures with another fun magnetic game! We love this one because each set features different parts of the world and just like the other sets, the pieces are all magnetic and easy to store away.

It should also be noted that these sets are great for road trip and are easily stored when not in use. Has your child tried a magnetic play set? What did they enjoy most about it.


Keeping Toddler Hands Busy: Chubby Markers

the paint box chubby markers

Our Chubby markers should be a part of every toddlers arts and crafts time! Designed to help toddlers grasp the markers successfully, our Chubby Markers are perfect for those ages 1-4 years old.

Here are just a few of the features of our Chubby Markers:

-Fresh & eye catching color for user to create beautiful drawings

-Made of natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry if they end up in someone’s mouth

-Non toxic, safe for kids of all ages

-Non rolling marker not easy to drop on floor/roll off a table

-Chubby markers are easy to grasp, allowing the hands to hold and draw comfortably

-Big round felt tip makes drawing easy

-6 refill ink tubes so you have plenty of hours of art ahead

There are many sets of Chubby Markers for toddlers however this chubby marker is designed with a strong round felt tip not easy to be broken. Unlike tradition marker sets, it’s geared to kids just learning to draw and color. The size and width of the markers is just perfect for small hands.

With a semi- circular tip and a chubby body, it is easy for little hands to grasp and draw smoothly. Coloring with them is a great way to encourage pre-writing skills and muscle control as well as self-expression. Plus they are easy to clean up!

chubby markers review

We love that the markers create beautiful colors so kids not only can create amazing drawings, but you can use them for other toddler activities as your child grows!

We can’t wait to see what your child creates with them!  Don’t forget that our Chubby Marker set makes a great gift too! Pair it with our DIY Multi Color Finger Paints Ink Pad, 24 Color Chubby Finger Crayons, and Paint Brushes and Stamps to make a whole art kit!


Wooden Balance Scale – The Perfect Balance Of Learning And Play

weight scale wooden toy

An interest in science and math can come naturally to many children, as well as a desire to experiment, and fuel their curiosity. Of course, there is no better way to encourage this kind of behavior than with play. That’s why this beautiful wooden balancing scale is the ideal activity for your child. They can begin learning and playing at a very young age, all the way up through preschool.

Educational toys for preschoolers don’t often come with such simplistic, knowledgeable play behind them, but the opportunities with this wooden scale, with six wooden weights, makes it easier than ever to encourage preschool learning games with your child.

Not only will this educational toy for preschoolers help your little one to recognize the idea of balance, and make a game out of tipping the scales one way or another, but it encourages questions. As a parent, you can turn this wooden scale into a preschool learning game of your own, by showing your child different ways to make the scales balance, tip one way or another, etc. Expect some great questions from your curious toddler as they dive deeper into the world of math and science.

wooden toy montessori materials balance scale

montessori wooden toy balance scale

This educational toy goes one step farther by introducing even more concepts, such as addition, subtraction, weight sizes and shapes, how sizes of the weights can affect the overall balance of the scale, which sizes work together, etc. Creating different learning opportunities through a perfectly-balanced scale is a great way to encourage your child to ask more questions, and of course, know more answers! When learning becomes a game, it becomes so much easier for your toddler to learn, and they’ll love continuing on with these math and science concepts for years to come.

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Fill your kids’ space with our beautiful educational toy – Tree Building Blocks


tree building blocks product review
These beautiful tree building blocks continue to be one of our most popular educational toy items – and for a good reason! There is such a sense of uniqueness to these blocks that you rarely get from educational toys like this, and that difference really shows up in the overall look and feel of the ‘tree.’ As far as building blocks go, it doesn’t get much more realistic than this, which really allows kids and parents alike to appreciate the simplistic beauty that goes along with creating something amazing.
wooden toy tree building blocks
Kids will be able to learn through play, while not only developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and level of concentration, but using their imagination! Perhaps one day they will want a tall tree, and the next day something more outstretched, or with more leaves, etc. – your children can change the design of these blocks everyday to create something new. The blocks even have the ability to ‘change’ with the seasons! Your child will love learning through play as they use darker, autumn leaves in the fall, and vibrant pink leaves in the spring. That realistic nature of the blocks really comes to life within the parts of the tree; leaves, branches, the trunk, etc. It’s a peaceful, quiet way for your child to learn while they’re creating, and they’ll love seeing their finished creations each and every time.
The blocks themselves are high-quality, made of solid timber with a non-toxic, water-based paint, and every surface is smooth, so no matter the age of your curious kid, they’ll be safe while they’re having fun creating. If you’re looking for something truly unique that promotes imagination, peacefulness, learning, and fun, there is no better solution than these tree building blocks – perfect for home, or a classroom.
Take a look at what some other happy customers are saying about this educational toy:
wooden toy tree building blocks
“The children are loving it!”  shared from @adonicalynn from Instagram
tree building blocks testimony
“I am immensely pleased with all of his educational toys from Jolly B” shared from @eplifoss from Instagram
wooden tree building blocks testimony
“Like this lovely construction educational toy from Jolly B! So gorgeous and calming to building with!” shared by @playing_with_lightning from Instagram
wooden toy tree building blocks testimony 5
“More students enjoyed our beautiful tree building play materials today. ” shared by @playing_with_lightning from Instagram
Shop our beautiful educational toys – tree building blocks!

Wooden Geo board – a perfect educational game for toddlers & preschoolers


Are you searching for a great Wooden Geo Board for your child? This is a perfect educational game for toddlers! Our Wooden Geo board is not only an affordable purchase it’s a fun and engaging activities for kids.

Our Geo Board with colorful rubber bands is as an educational game for toddlers, that is also a math manipulative that explores basic concepts in plane geometry such as perimeter, area and the characteristics of triangles and other polygons. It provides fun for kids and is a popular game for toddlers and preschoolers in many early learning programs.

Geo Board is one of the most commonly seen learning tools in the Montessori classroom environment, it delivers perfect fun activities by serving as a game for kids and toddlers. It’s both a practical life and sensorial activity, for building finger muscle strength and developing visual sense of the kids.

Our Geo Board offers your child the experience of building fine motor skills while exploring how shapes form pictures. For the younger crowd, they’ll simply play by stretching rubber bands across the board and making their own abstract pictures.

Older children can work on forming shapes, letters, and numbers and then using those together to make identifiable pictures such as houses, boats, rockets, ships, heart, stars, and more.

montessori materials wooden geo board

This is a wonderful tool to keep little hands busy and focused. Our Geo Board features 5 pegs across each row allowing for many different configurations.

Take your Geo Board to the next level by developing fun and creative games like:

• Color/number matching and even alphabet (capital letter/small letter matching etc.)

wooden geo board play ideas

• Creating a mini marble maze

wooden geo board play ideas

• Matching colors with pom poms (great motor activities for young kids around 18-24 months).  Add a pair of chopsticks and you’ve got a great activity for preschoolers!

wooden geo board play ideas

There are many free printable worksheets online that you can download so kids can learn about shapes, patterns, numbers, alphabets while using their boards.

Montessori Materials wooden geo board

Also, the board size is only 13 x 13 cm (palm size) and is not heavy to carry kids can enjoy playing with it both in and out of home, and also on a trip in a car or plane!


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