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The Upsize 3D Puzzle is a Fun, Multi-functional Toy for Young Children!

Designed for kids at different stages of growth from infancy to age 5, the Upsize 3D Puzzle is a fun, multi-functional toy for young children. You can play with the animals on their own, use the maps to talk about different parts of the world or even put multiple sets together to form one large play space.

Each set comes with 4 puzzle pieces to assemble which form a map, 4 animal puzzles and a map backdrop which makes it fun to learn about animals and where they come from. Sets feature animals specific to that area of the world which makes this a great way to introduce geography to young children.

So how do you play?

Puzzle pieces in different colors are built into 3D animals that kids can play with and learn at the same time! Some of the key skills children can learn through playing with this toy are:

– Enhance eye-hand coordination
– Shape recognition and matching ability
– Problem solving and critical thinking skills
– Fine motor skills
– Persistence, concentration and abstract thinking
– Foster Imaginative play
– Stimulate sense of touch with patterned surface over the pieces
– Colorful pieces encourage development of strong visual skills

This toy is made with good quality EVA without that harsh smell that many products have. The puzzle pieces are in random colors which makes each set unique.

Here’s how we played with this awesome toy – Upsize 3D Puzzle!

3D puzzle mat

Among the 6 themes, K would like to try Ocean theme first. When we opened it, there were 4 playmats, a set of paper puzzles and a die cut paper backdrop.

3D puzzle 5

It was easy for her to do the 2D puzzle map. She quickly finished matching the pieces together.

3D puzzle 4

It was bit challenging for her to make the 3D puzzle because she had not tried before.

3D puzzle 7

After putting the 3D puzzle together, we introduced each animal to her one by one. Then the fun imagery play starts! Animals meeting and talking to each other. a Sea Lion climbed up the iceberg-swimming everywhere. There was a shark chasing the sea lion- her play changed and developed as she assembled new animals.

3D puzzle 3

3D puzzle 6

She had so much fun!

Don’t forget you can collect 6 themes to form a giant map! This is a great way for kids to learn about different categories of animals and where they are from!

Upsize 3D Puzzle

Mini Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

A cute, fun and easy to implement fine motor activity!

toddler activity rubber band game

My three years old, K, wanted to play games with mommy after school yesterday. However, mommy was feeling sick and tired… Luckily, mommy thought of playing this with her… 

 You just need few minutes to prepare! 

– an empty container

– some rubber bands

– some colorful sticks (or anything such as letters, numbers …)

toddler activity rubber band game

 I just used some rubber bands to wrap the container,  dropped in some colorful wooden sticks then invited K to take the sticks out. This provided many minutes of entertainment and a chance to practice color sorting and simple counting.

toddler activity rubber band game

toddler activity rubber band game

My toddler also learned:  

– Problem solving while finding ways to take out the sticks

– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination 

– Color sorting and simple counting  

I am thinking using single colored rubber band and dropping plastic insects into the box so to create another fine activity for upcoming Halloween. : )

Messy Play with Confetti Circles

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

Messy Play is an important part of early education. If offers many opportunities for learning. It’s crucial to foster growth in all areas of development like physical, language and social development etc.

I would like to share with you all our recent play with confetti circles. I bookmarked this idea long ago from @howwemontessori / Instagram and I am so happy that Jolly B has recently stock many beautiful mixed colors confetti circles and  K and I can finally try the play!

You just need:

-White drawing paper

-Mixed colored confetti circles


-Some water

The confetti in bright colors are so beautiful! 

She was so excited to see these beautiful dotted tissue papers!

First, we need to spread the circles on a white paper.

We just massaged the tissue papers a bit with finger tips and made them loosely placed on a white paper offered a good opportunity for finger exercise.

Also we tried to move the circles around with hands on the paper to create different patterns, that’s so much fun already!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

Then I showed K using a pipet to drop water on each circle! Good fine motor exercise!  

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

She discovered that she can transfer a confetti with the pipet!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

See, not bad, what a beautiful piece of art!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

What my toddler learned:  

– A sensory play with water and she can also experience tissue paper texture and recognize different colors

– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination by transferring water with pipet

– Imagination can also be developed! 

Shape Hunting

Do you have any idea which shapes are the easiest and hardest found at home? This shape hunting activity with your preschooler will help find out the answer soon!

toddler activity shape hunting

Set up of this activity is so easy!
What you need is just some plastic tapes in different colors! Just make different shapes with different colors…
toddler activity shape hunting

I haven’t introduced the game yet. K played with her own game … like a hopscotch! : )

As a warm up, I asked K what the shapes were and the colors involved.

Then we walked around the house and explored items in relevant shapes.

toddler activity shapes hunting

Finally, we found most stuff in circles but it’s hard to look for something in triangle… 😜

What my preschooler learned from this game? 

-We mentioned about colors and shapes

-Gross motor exercise is encouraged

-Exploration and observation is encouraged through looking for things in different shapes

-We practiced counting

-Comparison could be done: Quantities- Many vs Few; Object size: Big vs Small

Wanna explore what shapes could be mostly found at home? Have fun playing this shape hunting game with your toddler!

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