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Color Mixing Experiment for Toddlers

I personally love this activity a lot! As my little K loves playing water, this activity allows her to enjoy playing by herself quietly for long. Also, I can show her how many colors can be made from red, blue and yellow!

The set up of the color mixing activity was so easy!

fun toddler activity color mixing

What we need:
-ice cube tray
-cups of colored water
-food dye
1. I put colored sticker on each compartment. For the first round, I put only stickers in red, yellow, blue and green randomly.
2. Then I invited K to use pipette to drop relevant color into each compartment of the ice cube tray. She was so eager to do this color matching.
fun toddler activity color mixing
3. This is not only a color matching game, it is an activity for finger muscle exercise and hand eye coordination!
fun toddler activity color mixing
 4. When she almost finished matching the red, yellow and blue colors, I showed her how to match the green one! She’s a fast learner and managed to do by herself with both hands!
fun toddler activity color mixing
5. After the first round of play, K said she would like to play once more. So, I introduced more colors in round 2. I added orange and purple. (Oh, mommy did not have purple and orange colored stickers. We just had white ones. No problem, we had the chubby markers that have the colors we needed!)
fun toddler activity color mixing
6. Almost come to the end of play, I let her explored and experimented by her own… This made her so busy and quite for almost 20-30 mins.
fun toddler activity color mixing
What have my toddler learnt from this activity 
-fine motor and hand eye coordination
-color matching and color mixing
-sensory simulation
-concentration and exploration is encouraged
Would your toddler like to play this fun color mixing activity?
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