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A design revolution of Scooter Bike by Scoot & Ride

While having a young family, you would make sure every dollar you spend provides value for money. However, with kids growing up so fast, it is not always the way works out. The Austrian Designed Scoot & Ride changes all that with its revolutionary balance bikes/scooters range that are suitable for ages 12 months plus right through until they reach 50 Kilograms.

The Scoot and Ride range, the Highway Baby, Highway Baby+ and Highway Kick 1 incorporate the same revolutionary design that are exciting and fun for kids to ride as they grow from toddlers into young children.
scoot and ride highway kick 1

The concept of the Scoot and Ride is revolutionary yet simple, they could best be described as the transformers of the Balance Bike / Scooter world. In a few seconds the Balance Bike can be transformed to a scooter and when the little legs get tired, back again to a balance bike, no tools, no mess and no fuss just a great design concept at work. Not only that but the Scoot & Ride comes fully assembled ready to ride. The Scoot & Ride range easily fit in the back of almost any car and are lightweight and easy to lift for parents.

The Scoot & Ride range is available in three designs. The first, the Highway Kick 1 is available in bright Pink, Red, Lime or Blue colours and features a reverse tricycle type set up with 2 larger front wheels and a smaller scooter sized wheel at the back. The Highway Kick 1 also features a stopper at the front just in case your child goes into long grass or soft ground and the bike/scooter tries to flip forward, it will be stopped by the stopper. A great safety addition for your young adventurer.

scoot and ride highway kick red

The Highway Baby as well as Highway Baby plus design, The Highway Baby features a larger single front wheel and a smaller back wheel is available in a two tone Blue/orange or a Pink/yellow colour scheme. This model does not feature the stopper on the front, but the larger front wheel negates the need for this in all but the most extreme cases.


All of the Scoot & Ride range feature solid rubber tyres, adjustable seat heights (in balance bike mode) and adjustable handlebar heights to grow with your child.

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