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Dot Connecting Activity

Connect the dots and make a beautiful piece of picture!

toddler activity dot connecting

Need a fun activity to develop pre-writing skills? You have to try this dot connecting activity – your little learners will love it! It’s a combination of color matching, fine motor, hand eye coordination activity and that’s lots of fun in one simple project.
Set up this dot connecting activity in just seconds!
Things you just need:
-a piece of paper
-colored dotted stickers
-chubby markers
This is an activity builds confidence in writing and drawing, it is suggested to use pens that allow little fingers to hold with ease and draw comfortably. Also pen tip should not be too sharp for safety reasons.  Bright and appealing colors would make the activity more fun and interesting!
Let the dot connecting game begins!
1. I invited K randomly placed some colored dotted stickers on a paper. She’s so excited as she always loves playing with stickers (Playing stickers is great fine motor activity too!) While she was placing the stickers, this offered a chance to learn about the colors and practice counting.
toddler activity dot connect
2. I showed her once how to draw a line to connect two dots in same colors. Then she was so eager to try! It’s fun to see her draw the lines in her own way to create an interesting picture!
Love these chubby markers that is easy to grasp and controlled by little hands that she can draw lines and curves easily!
toddler activity dot connect
3. A cute picture was easily made and K was so happy to share her picture with every one!
toddler activity dot connect
Extensions of this dot connecting activity:
We can make words, shapes, names with dots and let kids do the connecting!
My toddler also learned though this preschool activity:
– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination
– Color matching
– Pre writing skills exercise
Would your kids like dot connecting with these dot stickers?
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