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Feather Color Matching Game

toddler activity color matching with feathers

Not only feather color matching, but also a fun fine motor activity!
Do your kids like color matching activity? My little one, K, always love color matching!  If you need a fun activity to make it to nap time, you have to try this – my little learner loves it!
It is a simple color matching activity and also allows the little fingers to do some exercise. A game with simple set up and a perfect way to pass the time!
Preparations are easy!
Materials you need:
-An empty box ( I just used a recycled box from storage…  One of my friend from Instagram just used a paper mounted on a plastic box also works!)
-feathers in different colors
-color markers
Try making a feather color match activity today!
1. I made some holes randomly on top of the box with cutter, then invited my girl to color the holes into various color dots with her markers. The 6 bright colors of the markers, just matched well with the feathers that we had at home! It’s so good to have her involved in the activity set up sometimes!

toddler activity color matching feather

Colored feather is also a nice item for sensory play, do you think so? We did a painting with feather on another day too!
2. After she colored the holes, she was so eager to try pushing the feather onto the holes but failed. Nevermind, it was the first time we tried this activity… After I showed her once, she was doing very well!
toddler activity color matching with feather
3. She was so focus on her “work”! She had to looked for holes that are empty and matched with the right colored feather…
toddler activity color matching with feather
 4. It looks cute, right? Finish the game too quickly? We took out the feathers and played again…
After we played a game together, she would always develop her own open end play with the gadgets through which curiosity, exploration, creativity and imagination are stimulated.
toddler activity color matching with feathers
Would you like try this with empty box at home? : )
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