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Fill your kids’ space with our beautiful educational toy – Tree Building Blocks


tree building blocks product review
These beautiful tree building blocks continue to be one of our most popular educational toy items – and for a good reason! There is such a sense of uniqueness to these blocks that you rarely get from educational toys like this, and that difference really shows up in the overall look and feel of the ‘tree.’ As far as building blocks go, it doesn’t get much more realistic than this, which really allows kids and parents alike to appreciate the simplistic beauty that goes along with creating something amazing.
wooden toy tree building blocks
Kids will be able to learn through play, while not only developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and level of concentration, but using their imagination! Perhaps one day they will want a tall tree, and the next day something more outstretched, or with more leaves, etc. – your children can change the design of these blocks everyday to create something new. The blocks even have the ability to ‘change’ with the seasons! Your child will love learning through play as they use darker, autumn leaves in the fall, and vibrant pink leaves in the spring. That realistic nature of the blocks really comes to life within the parts of the tree; leaves, branches, the trunk, etc. It’s a peaceful, quiet way for your child to learn while they’re creating, and they’ll love seeing their finished creations each and every time.
The blocks themselves are high-quality, made of solid timber with a non-toxic, water-based paint, and every surface is smooth, so no matter the age of your curious kid, they’ll be safe while they’re having fun creating. If you’re looking for something truly unique that promotes imagination, peacefulness, learning, and fun, there is no better solution than these tree building blocks – perfect for home, or a classroom.
Take a look at what some other happy customers are saying about this educational toy:
wooden toy tree building blocks
“The children are loving it!”  shared from @adonicalynn from Instagram
tree building blocks testimony
“I am immensely pleased with all of his educational toys from Jolly B” shared from @eplifoss from Instagram
wooden tree building blocks testimony
“Like this lovely construction educational toy from Jolly B! So gorgeous and calming to building with!” shared by @playing_with_lightning from Instagram
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“More students enjoyed our beautiful tree building play materials today. ” shared by @playing_with_lightning from Instagram
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