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Magnetic Fun! Learn more about our Magnetic Game Sets

If you are looking for something that combines eye hand coordination and have a little silly fun then this very cute magnetic game set would be great. Children can practice identifying facial features while creating a variety of faces.

Each set features twelve stock faces to choose from and dozens of face accessories, all magnetic and easy to store. Kids can make a game out of it by selecting the right magnets to build a face that matches with the game cards or design their own.
fun magnetic game faces facial features

We love this magnetic game set!

-It was exciting to open the treasure box each time and discover what is inside. Good to encourage exploration and observation.

-We also used the set as a sorting game grouping the various pieces together. Great for observation and logical thinking.

-We had fun picking a game card and tried to get the right magnets to put on the board. We observed and described each facial feature, color and style of the hair, different colors of eyes, various shapes of nose and mouth etc. Good for visual processing, comparing and matching skills as well as problem solving skills.

-It was an engaging game and we had a great time doing it together as mother and daughter.

magnetic fun faces

-This is great for developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too. It also helped with building concentration and stamina because there were a number of small tasks to complete and they had to be done one by one.

-There is white board at another side, kids can try to draw the cute faces based on the cards. Also, an opportunity for creative play and kids can draw with a dry erase marker or create fun visuals with the magnets. We could make silly faces, line up the eyes and even count the pieces.

If your child prefers vehicles, we also have a set themed with vehicles that is a lot of fun!

magnetic fun vehicles

One of the bonuses with the vehicle set is that the magnetic pieces store neatly in different compartments of the box which adds to the fun!

Additionally we have a set featuring different places in the world and allows children to begin exploring the world’s different cultures with another fun magnetic game! We love this one because each set features different parts of the world and just like the other sets, the pieces are all magnetic and easy to store away.

It should also be noted that these sets are great for road trip and are easily stored when not in use. Has your child tried a magnetic play set? What did they enjoy most about it.


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