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Messy Play with Confetti Circles

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

Messy Play is an important part of early education. If offers many opportunities for learning. It’s crucial to foster growth in all areas of development like physical, language and social development etc.

I would like to share with you all our recent play with confetti circles. I bookmarked this idea long ago from @howwemontessori / Instagram and I am so happy that Jolly B has recently stock many beautiful mixed colors confetti circles and  K and I can finally try the play!

You just need:

-White drawing paper

-Mixed colored confetti circles


-Some water

The confetti in bright colors are so beautiful! 

She was so excited to see these beautiful dotted tissue papers!

First, we need to spread the circles on a white paper.

We just massaged the tissue papers a bit with finger tips and made them loosely placed on a white paper offered a good opportunity for finger exercise.

Also we tried to move the circles around with hands on the paper to create different patterns, that’s so much fun already!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

Then I showed K using a pipet to drop water on each circle! Good fine motor exercise!  

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

She discovered that she can transfer a confetti with the pipet!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

See, not bad, what a beautiful piece of art!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

What my toddler learned:  

– A sensory play with water and she can also experience tissue paper texture and recognize different colors

– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination by transferring water with pipet

– Imagination can also be developed! 

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