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Mideer Storybook Torch Make Kids’ Childhood Memorable


This MiDeer Kids Storybook torch would bring your kids great fun and we can’t wait to share this lovely little toy with you!

This beautiful story-telling torch comes with four different projection discs that clip onto its end.  Each of the discs, when projected onto the wall or ceiling, tells a colorful story.

mideer kids story torch

The 4 fairy tales cover The three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The cat and the fox and The ugly duckling. 32 images projection are included.

-Best to have bedtime stories with kids to take your baby to a gentle sleep.

-A pleasant design and cute image-changing picture projector, allow children to continuously enjoy the play of hands and fingertips, stimulating the whole brain when viewing the images.

-This interactive toy also encourages your kids to tell their own version of stories than expand their vocabularies, develops their language and presentation skills and also inspires imagination!

What a wonderful gift that makes your kids’ childhood memorable and creates lots of family fun and laughter!

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