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Mini Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

A cute, fun and easy to implement fine motor activity!

toddler activity rubber band game

My three years old, K, wanted to play games with mommy after school yesterday. However, mommy was feeling sick and tired… Luckily, mommy thought of playing this with her… 

 You just need few minutes to prepare! 

– an empty container

– some rubber bands

– some colorful sticks (or anything such as letters, numbers …)

toddler activity rubber band game

 I just used some rubber bands to wrap the container,  dropped in some colorful wooden sticks then invited K to take the sticks out. This provided many minutes of entertainment and a chance to practice color sorting and simple counting.

toddler activity rubber band game

toddler activity rubber band game

My toddler also learned:  

– Problem solving while finding ways to take out the sticks

– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination 

– Color sorting and simple counting  

I am thinking using single colored rubber band and dropping plastic insects into the box so to create another fine activity for upcoming Halloween. : )

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