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Paper Planes Toss

Paper planes toss – An entertaining hand eye coordination and gross motor toddler activity! 

If you’re stuck inside with children, you’ll love this indoor activity!

kids activity paper plane toss

K is always excited when she sees planes in the sky. So, daddy and I made her some paper planes and a game board so to have a fun activity at home during weekend! Making a paper fly’s so magical to a kid and this kept her entertained a whole morning by throwing the paper plane through the targets and improving the aims!

Setting up this paper plane toss activity is easy! 

Set up’s simple. We just used a big plastic sheet left behind then cut out different sized holes with the help of various circular objects at home.

We need to make some paper planes too!  

Making paper planes is a simple paper craft with great learning benefits for children! It’s a demonstrates hands-on examples of geometry, symmetry and how shapes fit together! It’s great way to engage young ones’ minds in some math and spatial thinking. Also, there’s nothing more confidence-boosting than creating a paper plane that flies! It encourages running and gross motor exercises to fly the planes!

Forget how to make one?

For me, this is the only paper airplane I know how to make. I found a good drawing from

paper airplane instructions printable

• Take your paper and fold it in half long ways.

•Open and fold both corners in to the middle.

•Take those slanted sides and fold them in to the middle.

•Fold in half again.

•Fold down each wing.

There are many types of designs for paper planes.

 Check these out:

Alex’s Paper Airplanes – This site has video instructions for loads of paper flying things, not just planes! One of our favourite plane – Nick’s Paper Airplane.

Enjoy the fun indoor : )

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