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Play Matters! An Essential Ingredient for a Early Learning

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It has been said over and over again, play is important. In a world that expects children to learn faster and do more, play is often left behind. The reason why early learning is so important is that, 90% of all brain development takes place by the age of five. Children also gain enough personality and intellectual skills to successfully begin to navigate in an educational setting.

Educator, Dr. Maria Montessori said that “Play is a child’s work.” She emphasized that the need for play and hands on experiences for toddlers will make them more open to experiencing things for themselves. They also gain a sense of accomplishment that goes along with completing tasks independently.

How to Encourage Learning Through Play

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Apart from some fun family activities for kids, you can also find educational toy and learning games for your toddler to explore! Children learn most from the world around them so let them explore and engage with it! Children don’t need hundreds of dollars in automated toys to learn. They just need a faithful guide.

Why Do We Need To Play?

Play not only helps create opportunities for learning but it increases the levels of happiness in our lives. It’s been shown that the more you play (even as an adult) vital things happen to the body.

  • You become happier.
  • You are more relaxed which makes learning easier.
  • Confidence is built as you learn new things.
  • You become more comfortable and take ownership in your environment.
  • New experiences help create even more opportunities to learn.

If you really want your child to be prepare for life, encourage them to play. There’s no reason for textbooks and worksheets to get prepared for kindergarten. Everything they need is already in their world!
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