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Montessori Materials

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Jolly B Kids Offers Beautiful Montessori Materials & Montessori Friendly Toys for Toddlers

When you are interested in Montessori homeschooling, it can bedifficult to know exactly what types of products you should get for your home. Or which types of Montessori materials are really worththe price. We love all wooden Montessori materials that are beautiful and precise but it is not necessary for us to duplicate a Montessori school at home, in day care, preschool, or other early intervention classroom.

Besides Montessori friendly toys, Jolly B Kids is also offering a boutique collection of beautiful Montessori materials at best price worth your investment! These beautiful Montessori toddler materials and Montessoriinspired self-contained Learning Games are ideal for at-homeenrichment, on-the-go brain boosting or even as part of a daycare or preschool curriculum to build on the current learning program. These Educational toys and games are also beneficial for kids who have special needs that need to be developed such as autism, sensory processing etc. Hence, our learning toys and games for kids can be enjoyed not only at home, party, restaurant, but also on the road, in day care, school, or early intervention classroom.

Our beautiful Montessori toddler materials and Montessori inspired learning games allow your kids do their “work” independently so parents could have some time to take a coffee break, make a phone call, prepare dinner, feed the newborn baby at home. Through their independent work, kids can also equip various essential skills and educational foundationand also build concentration, imagination, creativity and confidence etc.This make life easier for parents and healthier for kids to play with than the “electronic pacifiers”!

They are all great birthday presents for your kids and their friends too! They are perfect gifts for big brothers and sisters, or for those who are having a newborn baby with a toddler in the house too!

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