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building blocks tape
building blocks tapebuilding blocks tapebuilding blocks tapebuilding blocks tapebuilding blocks tapebuilding blocks tape

Lego Building Block Tapes – FREE SHIPPING

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Product Description

These building block stripes allow your kids to build anywhere on any surface and even build upside down! Anything you imagine could be a base for the LEGOS and Mega Blocks!

Just peel the stripes and stick to any surface and connect to your blocks! Flat surfaces, upside down, curves and more! These stripes are reusable and water proof. You can even cut it for custom designs.

This is so fun and encourages children to use their creativity and cognitive skills to arrange building blocks in an innovative new way. Children will use visual and spatial perception to assemble and lay out their creations. Manipulating the tape and placing blocks on it promotes the development of fine motor skills. The tape is flexible, if it is long for you, you can easily cut it into shorter pieces. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

Ages 4+

  • Each roll tape is around 92 cm  L
  • Food grade silicone, Environment-Friendly and Non-Toxic

P.S. We will send in random color. Pls leave a note if you have specific color requirement! We will try our best to arrange.

Additional Information

Weight 0.236 kg

1 roll, A package of 2 rolls in different colors, A package of 4 rolls in different colors


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