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classic world 3D puzzle
classic world 3D puzzleclassic world 3D puzzleclassic world 3D puzzleclassic world 3D puzzle

Classic World 3D Puzzle

SKU: JB0564

$25.99 $23.99

Product Description

Children can learn about geometry and colour harmonies while playing. While laying images and building the path becomes the aim! Just once take a break and get involved with the creative forces inside of you. Without any specific idea or plan, the images will easily arise. Make pictures with blocks and pieces that can also be played with later on or just enjoy the creative process.

36 pieces in a wooden frame with game cards. Materials: Natural Wood with non-toxic paint.

Package size: 10cm x 10cm x 5cm
Age: 3+

Additional Information

Weight 0.536 kg


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