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montessori materials wooden geo board
montessori materials wooden geo boardmontessori materials wooden geo boardMontessori Materials wooden geo board

Montessori Materials – Wooden Geo Board

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Product Description

Geo board is one of the most favorable learning materials in a home or Montessori classroom environment. It can be taken as both a Practical Life and Sensorial activity, for building finger muscle strength and developing visual sense of the kid.

There are 25 wooden pegs evenly spaced (about 2 cm apart) on the finished wooden board. These pegs are without heads and so add to the challenge. The set comes with about 30 colored rubber bands.

The board size is only 13 x 13 cm and is not heavy to carry so kids can enjoy playing with it both in and out of the home, and also on a trip in a car or plane.

What they are learning WHILE having fun:

Fine motor skills are developed and refined as kids are required to stretch rubber bands over the pins to create shapes and patterns.

In addition to improving hand eye coordination and muscle control, it enhances kid’s ability to concentrate.

It is a great sensorial activity which helps kids build finger muscles for writing movements, and basic geometric sense in Math. as they see and learn about the shapes formed by the rubber bands.
– Hand eye coordination and fine motor
Be able to stretch rubber bands over the pins to make shapes and patterns.
– Sensory: visual and tactile
Kids will see and learn about the shapes they formed with the rubber bands on the board.
– Concentration
This activity offers kids a great opportunity to sit patiently and focus on a task before it is completed.
– Curiosity, exploration, creativity and imagination are stimulated when kids develop their own open end play with these gadgets.

• Suitable for ages 36 months +

• Packing: Paper Box

• Product Measurement: 13 x 13 cm

NOTE: This product contains small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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