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montessori toddler cylinder blocks
montessori toddler cylinder blocksmontessori toddler cylinder blocksMontessori toddler cylinder blocksmontessori toddler cylinder blocksmontessori toddler cylinder blocks

Montessori Toddler Knobbed Cylinders (Set of Four)

SKU: JB0305


Product Description

These four knobbed cylinder blocks consist of five cylinders on each block.

What they are learning WHILE having fun:
1) The child learns to judge size by sight.
2) The child reaches an abstract conception of dimension, and this interest and knowledge enable him to observe the
environment with intelligence.
3) The child develops coordination of movement.
4) The child is given an indirect preparation for writing. The fingers and thumb, which will later hold the pencil, are being
used to hold the knobs. These digits are also used in the manipulation of most tools (e.g. spoon, scissors, brush).
Therefore, the hand is being trained for manipulative skill.
5) A preparation for mathematics.

Recommended Age Group: 18 Months +
Dimensions 15.4 x 4 x 3.5cm

Additional Information

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