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preschool learning game find the angles
preschool learning game find the anglespreschool learning game find the anglespreschool learning game find the anglespreschool learning game find the angles

Preschool Learning Games – Find the Angles

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Get your preschooler (3 yr and up) start working with shapes and patterns early so as to develop a mathematical mind.

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Product Description

This activity features 13 A4 matt art game sheets of different shapes and 10 transparent glass gems for placing on the angles.

This hands on and self-correcting game helps kids learn geometric shapes and develop fine motor skills.

What they are learning while having fun:
– To get familiar with shapes and patterns
Research shows that it takes children a long time to be able to picture shapes in their mind correctly. This hands on self-correcting game helps children learn and recognize the basic geometric shapes and their names.
– Hand-eye coordination and fine motor development
Being able to transfer the gems onto the angles of different shapes.
– Extension activity
Kids can also develop their own open end play with these gadgets through which curiosity, exploration, creativity and imagination are stimulated.

*Suitable for age 30 months +
*Packing: Plastic Bag

NOTE: This product contains small parts that may not be appropriate for children under age 3. Adult supervision is required.

Our learning game sets normally include printable in PDF so teachers and mothers can feel free to keep the files and print their own copies to facilitate regular use at home or in the classroom.

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