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upsize 3D puzzle marine life
upsize 3D puzzle marine lifeupsize 3D puzzle marine life animalsupsize 3D puzzle marine life sea lionupsize 3D puzzle marine life bearupsize 3D puzzle marine life whaleupsize 3D puzzle marine life sea lionupsize 3D puzzle marine life sharkUpsize 3D Puzzle

Upsize 3D Puzzle – Marine Life

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Product Description

Designed for kids at different stages of growth from infancy to age 5, Upsize 3D Puzzle is a multi-functional Toys and Childcare product.

As a 3D puzzle, it brings an element of “Educational”!
As an Animal Puzzle, it becomes “Recreational”!
And when it is a thick play mat, it is truly “Functional”!

This set comes with 4 mats to assemble 4 animal puzzles and a map backdrop!
The 4 animals includes: Polor Bear, Whale, Shark and Sea Lion

You can also collect 6 themes to form a giant map!!!

Puzzle pieces in different colors taken out from the mat and form into 3D puzzles!!
Kids can play and learn at the same time!!

– Enhance eye-hand co-ordination
– Develop shape recognition and matching ability
– Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills
– Improve fine motor ability
– Train persistence, concentration and abstract thinking
– Foster imagination
– Stimulate sense of touch with patterned surface over the body
– Colorful pieces encourage development of strong visual skills

Good quality EVA without smell
Puzzle pieces are in random color

Product Measurement: 25 x 20 x 9cm

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