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wooden toy Chrysanthos trigeod puzzle color wheel
wooden toy Chrysanthos trigeod puzzle color wheelwooden toy Chrysanthos trigeod puzzle color wheel

Wooden Toy – Color Wheel Puzzle – Free Shipping

SKU: JB0239

$19.99 $16.99

Product Description

The AMAZING Chrysanthos Trigeod™ color wheel puzzle. Twelve identical pieces of one shape create a colorful 16cm diameter wheel. Since the invention of the wheel, never has it been divided up exactly this way to create such an unusual shape that we have dubbed a “Trigeod”.

Incredibly this shape has the uncanny ability to create some very interesting designs and patterns that have never seen been before. The wheel made up of 12 Trigeod shapes is also a challenging puzzle.

On the surface, the wheel just looks like an elegant design, however it takes imagination to look beyond and discover the intrinsic beauty of the wheel. Create 2D and 3D designs from your imagination, some of which will resemble natural organisms and others that may just be beautiful abstract designs. The possibilities are endless and the designs are all using multiples of one simple shape.

Unleash your imagination with this truly unique product.

Product size: 16cm D x 1cm D
Recommended age: 3+


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