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wooden toy animal pattern matching game
wooden toy animal pattern matching game

Wooden Toys – Animal Pattern Matching Game

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Product Description

10 pairs of octagonal wood blocks with 10 animal images for matching with their patterns (each block size around 5.5 x 5.5 cm).

What they are learning WHILE having fun:
Kids need to learn about the animals before pairing the images with their patterns. Later when the kids are familiar with each animal, they can turn all the image blocks facing down and flip two blocks over each time to see if they match with each other. For more than one players, kids can take turns playing.  If the two blocks match, put to the side and pile them up.  If not, flip them back again in their own spot. The player with the most blocks wins. Kids can also develop their own open end play with these gadgets.

-Hand Eye coordination
Being able to pick and match pairs of animal image pattern blocks

-Animal images and patterns recognition
Kids need to recognize the differences in the images to match with the patterns of these animals

-Fine motor
Practising using fine motor pincer grasp in order to flip the blocks over

This activity offers a great opportunity to sit and focus on a task before it is completed.

-Curiosity, exploration, creativity and imagination can be stimulated via open end play.

• Suitable for ages 36 months +
• Packing: Cloth Box
• Product Measurement: 5.5 x 5.5cm each

Additional Information

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