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Shape Hunting

Do you have any idea which shapes are the easiest and hardest found at home? This shape hunting activity with your preschooler will help find out the answer soon!

toddler activity shape hunting

Set up of this activity is so easy!
What you need is just some plastic tapes in different colors! Just make different shapes with different colors…
toddler activity shape hunting

I haven’t introduced the game yet. K played with her own game … like a hopscotch! : )

As a warm up, I asked K what the shapes were and the colors involved.

Then we walked around the house and explored items in relevant shapes.

toddler activity shapes hunting

Finally, we found most stuff in circles but it’s hard to look for something in triangle… 😜

What my preschooler learned from this game? 

-We mentioned about colors and shapes

-Gross motor exercise is encouraged

-Exploration and observation is encouraged through looking for things in different shapes

-We practiced counting

-Comparison could be done: Quantities- Many vs Few; Object size: Big vs Small

Wanna explore what shapes could be mostly found at home? Have fun playing this shape hunting game with your toddler!

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