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Sticker Spider Web

A fun kid activity to play at home during Halloween!

toddler activity spider web

It just takes you less than 10 minutes for set up!

Just loving using plastic tapes to create activities for my toddler at home as it is:

– simple and easy to prepare

– too many different games could be developed

– easy to clean up

Plastic tapes – a must have item to be kept at home just in case your toddler tells you he/she is bored and needs some entertainment! :  )

Learned this from www.handsonaswegrow.com, I just cut the tapes into different lengths and make the spider web span the width of the door. I have made it more than half of the doorway so to fit the height of my girl.

toddler activity spider web

We tried to throw different items like ping pongs, paper balls and see if they could get stuck in the spider web. Finally, these stainless steel wire brushes worked the best! : )

A neat way to show kids how things get stuck on webs through this activity!

My toddler also learned:

– Hand eye coordination by aiming the target

– Gross motor exercise

– Visual tracking and focus

– Exploration by trying to get different things stuck in the web

Apart from being a fun Halloween activity, this would pair nicely with talking about spiders, their webs while reading stories too!

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