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Sticker Spider Web

A fun kid activity to play at home during Halloween!

toddler activity spider web

It just takes you less than 10 minutes for set up!

Just loving using plastic tapes to create activities for my toddler at home as it is:

– simple and easy to prepare

– too many different games could be developed

– easy to clean up

Plastic tapes – a must have item to be kept at home just in case your toddler tells you he/she is bored and needs some entertainment! :  )

Learned this from www.handsonaswegrow.com, I just cut the tapes into different lengths and make the spider web span the width of the door. I have made it more than half of the doorway so to fit the height of my girl.

toddler activity spider web

We tried to throw different items like ping pongs, paper balls and see if they could get stuck in the spider web. Finally, these stainless steel wire brushes worked the best! : )

A neat way to show kids how things get stuck on webs through this activity!

My toddler also learned:

– Hand eye coordination by aiming the target

– Gross motor exercise

– Visual tracking and focus

– Exploration by trying to get different things stuck in the web

Apart from being a fun Halloween activity, this would pair nicely with talking about spiders, their webs while reading stories too!

Mini Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

A cute, fun and easy to implement fine motor activity!

toddler activity rubber band game

My three years old, K, wanted to play games with mommy after school yesterday. However, mommy was feeling sick and tired… Luckily, mommy thought of playing this with her… 

 You just need few minutes to prepare! 

– an empty container

– some rubber bands

– some colorful sticks (or anything such as letters, numbers …)

toddler activity rubber band game

 I just used some rubber bands to wrap the container,  dropped in some colorful wooden sticks then invited K to take the sticks out. This provided many minutes of entertainment and a chance to practice color sorting and simple counting.

toddler activity rubber band game

toddler activity rubber band game

My toddler also learned:  

– Problem solving while finding ways to take out the sticks

– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination 

– Color sorting and simple counting  

I am thinking using single colored rubber band and dropping plastic insects into the box so to create another fine activity for upcoming Halloween. : )

Feather Color Matching Game

toddler activity color matching with feathers

Not only feather color matching, but also a fun fine motor activity!
Do your kids like color matching activity? My little one, K, always love color matching!  If you need a fun activity to make it to nap time, you have to try this – my little learner loves it!
It is a simple color matching activity and also allows the little fingers to do some exercise. A game with simple set up and a perfect way to pass the time!
Preparations are easy!
Materials you need:
-An empty box ( I just used a recycled box from storage…  One of my friend from Instagram just used a paper mounted on a plastic box also works!)
-feathers in different colors
-color markers
Try making a feather color match activity today!
1. I made some holes randomly on top of the box with cutter, then invited my girl to color the holes into various color dots with her markers. The 6 bright colors of the markers, just matched well with the feathers that we had at home! It’s so good to have her involved in the activity set up sometimes!

toddler activity color matching feather

Colored feather is also a nice item for sensory play, do you think so? We did a painting with feather on another day too!
2. After she colored the holes, she was so eager to try pushing the feather onto the holes but failed. Nevermind, it was the first time we tried this activity… After I showed her once, she was doing very well!
toddler activity color matching with feather
3. She was so focus on her “work”! She had to looked for holes that are empty and matched with the right colored feather…
toddler activity color matching with feather
 4. It looks cute, right? Finish the game too quickly? We took out the feathers and played again…
After we played a game together, she would always develop her own open end play with the gadgets through which curiosity, exploration, creativity and imagination are stimulated.
toddler activity color matching with feathers
Would you like try this with empty box at home? : )

Color Mixing Experiment for Toddlers

I personally love this activity a lot! As my little K loves playing water, this activity allows her to enjoy playing by herself quietly for long. Also, I can show her how many colors can be made from red, blue and yellow!

The set up of the color mixing activity was so easy!

fun toddler activity color mixing

What we need:
-ice cube tray
-cups of colored water
-food dye
Colored Dot Stickers
1. I put colored sticker on each compartment. For the first round, I put only stickers in red, yellow, blue and green randomly.
2. Then I invited K to use pipette to drop relevant color into each compartment of the ice cube tray. She was so eager to do this color matching.
fun toddler activity color mixing
3. This is not only a color matching game, it is an activity for finger muscle exercise and hand eye coordination!
fun toddler activity color mixing
 4. When she almost finished matching the red, yellow and blue colors, I showed her how to match the green one! She’s a fast learner and managed to do by herself with both hands!
fun toddler activity color mixing
5. After the first round of play, K said she would like to play once more. So, I introduced more colors in round 2. I added orange and purple. (Oh, mommy did not have purple and orange colored stickers. We just had white ones. No problem, we had the chubby markers that have the colors we needed!)
fun toddler activity color mixing
6. Almost come to the end of play, I let her explored and experimented by her own… This made her so busy and quite for almost 20-30 mins.
fun toddler activity color mixing
What have my toddler learnt from this activity 
-fine motor and hand eye coordination
-color matching and color mixing
-sensory simulation
-concentration and exploration is encouraged
Would your toddler like to play this fun color mixing activity?

Messy Play with Confetti Circles

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

Messy Play is an important part of early education. If offers many opportunities for learning. It’s crucial to foster growth in all areas of development like physical, language and social development etc.

I would like to share with you all our recent play with confetti circles. I bookmarked this idea long ago from @howwemontessori / Instagram and I am so happy that Jolly B has recently stock many beautiful mixed colors confetti circles and  K and I can finally try the play!

You just need:

-White drawing paper

-Mixed colored confetti circles


-Some water

The confetti in bright colors are so beautiful! 

She was so excited to see these beautiful dotted tissue papers!

First, we need to spread the circles on a white paper.

We just massaged the tissue papers a bit with finger tips and made them loosely placed on a white paper offered a good opportunity for finger exercise.

Also we tried to move the circles around with hands on the paper to create different patterns, that’s so much fun already!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

Then I showed K using a pipet to drop water on each circle! Good fine motor exercise!  

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

She discovered that she can transfer a confetti with the pipet!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

See, not bad, what a beautiful piece of art!

toddler activity messy play confetti circles

What my toddler learned:  

– A sensory play with water and she can also experience tissue paper texture and recognize different colors

– Fine motor exercise and hand eye coordination by transferring water with pipet

– Imagination can also be developed! 

Shape Hunting

Do you have any idea which shapes are the easiest and hardest found at home? This shape hunting activity with your preschooler will help find out the answer soon!

toddler activity shape hunting

Set up of this activity is so easy!
What you need is just some plastic tapes in different colors! Just make different shapes with different colors…
toddler activity shape hunting

I haven’t introduced the game yet. K played with her own game … like a hopscotch! : )

As a warm up, I asked K what the shapes were and the colors involved.

Then we walked around the house and explored items in relevant shapes.

toddler activity shapes hunting

Finally, we found most stuff in circles but it’s hard to look for something in triangle… 😜

What my preschooler learned from this game? 

-We mentioned about colors and shapes

-Gross motor exercise is encouraged

-Exploration and observation is encouraged through looking for things in different shapes

-We practiced counting

-Comparison could be done: Quantities- Many vs Few; Object size: Big vs Small

Wanna explore what shapes could be mostly found at home? Have fun playing this shape hunting game with your toddler!

Sensory Play – Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Sensory Play Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Sensory play offers so many wonderful learning opportunities such us imaginative play, language exploration, fine motor development and so much more! Kids would have a great unstructured learning experiences and freedom to explore and discover things. 

 We would like to share this sensory play – ice breaking treasure hunt which is great for summer fun!  Also it is so easy to prepare, we just need:

 -A container (We used an empty wet tissue box)

-some goodies (We have picked our jumping frogs and some plastic gems)


We added the goodies and water into the container then put in the freezer at night. It’s ready and get frozen another day!

Sensory Play Ice Block Treasure Hunt

When I first showed her the ice block, K was so excited. She can experience the ice is freezing cold. Then when I asked her how to break the ice and find out what’s inside… Then she picked a hammer…

toddler activity sensory play ice blocks treasure hunt

Sensory Play Ice Block Treasure Hunt

It took us more than an hour to observe the ice melt…Good to keep her busy and entertained!

This game trains the fine motor and we need to dig out frogs plus the gems.

Look, she’s making the frogs jump…

Sensory Play Ice Block Treasure Hunt

 toddler activity sensory play ice blocks treasure hunt

What a great experience, we definitely will try more ice/water play this summer! : )

To explore more fun games with our jumping frogs, pls visit: www.jollybforkids.com

Beading with Feathers

toddler activity beading with feather

Beading with feathers – fine motor and color matching activity!
You may need a quick little activity for kids while you need a coffee break or making dinner and keep your kids busy! This is a good one which is easy to prepare!
Among all the beading activities,  we love this most so far due to the comfortable touch and the beautiful colors of the feathers!
You just need seconds to set up this feather beading activity!
What you need:
-Colored EVA beads
-Colored feathers
toddler activity beading feather

Pincer grasp activity and hand eye coordination activity for toddlers

I just randomly shared K beads with different colors, shapes and sizes to work with.
So, she has to visually scan for the colors needed and pick out the beads she need with the tips of the index finger and the thumb. Using pincer grasp to manipulate beads then put on the feathers with matched colors is great for hand eye coordination!
toddler activity beading with feather

Bilateral hand coordination exercise for kids!

Holding the feather and the beads requires two hands to work together in a coordinated way -bilateral hand coordination.  This is a great way to practice pre-writing skills and those requirements needed for self-care such as buttoning, zipping, shoe-tying, and scissor skills etc.

toddler activity beading with feathers

What my toddler learn through this feather beading activity?
She practiced:
-Fine motor pincer grasp
-Hand eye coordination
-Visual scanning
-Color and shape learning, sorting and matching
-Bilateral hand coordination
One simple activity with so many benefits!! You have to try!

Paper Planes Toss

Paper planes toss – An entertaining hand eye coordination and gross motor toddler activity! 

If you’re stuck inside with children, you’ll love this indoor activity!

kids activity paper plane toss

K is always excited when she sees planes in the sky. So, daddy and I made her some paper planes and a game board so to have a fun activity at home during weekend! Making a paper fly’s so magical to a kid and this kept her entertained a whole morning by throwing the paper plane through the targets and improving the aims!

Setting up this paper plane toss activity is easy! 

Set up’s simple. We just used a big plastic sheet left behind then cut out different sized holes with the help of various circular objects at home.

We need to make some paper planes too!  

Making paper planes is a simple paper craft with great learning benefits for children! It’s a demonstrates hands-on examples of geometry, symmetry and how shapes fit together! It’s great way to engage young ones’ minds in some math and spatial thinking. Also, there’s nothing more confidence-boosting than creating a paper plane that flies! It encourages running and gross motor exercises to fly the planes!

Forget how to make one?

For me, this is the only paper airplane I know how to make. I found a good drawing from creativewithkids.com:

paper airplane instructions printable

• Take your paper and fold it in half long ways.

•Open and fold both corners in to the middle.

•Take those slanted sides and fold them in to the middle.

•Fold in half again.

•Fold down each wing.

There are many types of designs for paper planes.

 Check these out:

Alex’s Paper Airplanes – This site has video instructions for loads of paper flying things, not just planes! One of our favourite plane – Nick’s Paper Airplane.

Enjoy the fun indoor : )

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