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I am Wing and that’s Kay. Kay was born in Feb. 2013. She’s an active and adorable girl! I love playing and spending the day with her! There is so much fun and laughter!


I think everyone agrees that parenting is no easy task! I too struggled, nothing seemed to go smoothly for me in the beginning. Then I learned about Montessori!

Like lots of parents, I wanted the best for my daughter, it really takes time to do research, screening and gathering things which are good for her development! There is so much information out there and honestly, it’s overwhelming!

I understand that being a mom is hectic and tiring sometimes.  That’s why I wanted to take what I learned and put into something I could share with others. I’ve gathered and created tons of toys, learning experiences and information for you so it’s easier for you to spend quality time with your little one.  

Jolly B was born out of a passion for hands on activities that will encourage creativity and early stage development. Using the categories at the right, you can access some helpful posts about parenting, play, toys, kids activities, busy bags ideas and more!

Hope you enjoy our blog!

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