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Wooden Balance Scale – The Perfect Balance Of Learning And Play

weight scale wooden toy

An interest in science and math can come naturally to many children, as well as a desire to experiment, and fuel their curiosity. Of course, there is no better way to encourage this kind of behavior than with play. That’s why this beautiful wooden balancing scale is the ideal activity for your child. They can begin learning and playing at a very young age, all the way up through preschool.

Educational toys for preschoolers don’t often come with such simplistic, knowledgeable play behind them, but the opportunities with this wooden scale, with six wooden weights, makes it easier than ever to encourage preschool learning games with your child.

Not only will this educational toy for preschoolers help your little one to recognize the idea of balance, and make a game out of tipping the scales one way or another, but it encourages questions. As a parent, you can turn this wooden scale into a preschool learning game of your own, by showing your child different ways to make the scales balance, tip one way or another, etc. Expect some great questions from your curious toddler as they dive deeper into the world of math and science.

wooden toy montessori materials balance scale

montessori wooden toy balance scale

This educational toy goes one step farther by introducing even more concepts, such as addition, subtraction, weight sizes and shapes, how sizes of the weights can affect the overall balance of the scale, which sizes work together, etc. Creating different learning opportunities through a perfectly-balanced scale is a great way to encourage your child to ask more questions, and of course, know more answers! When learning becomes a game, it becomes so much easier for your toddler to learn, and they’ll love continuing on with these math and science concepts for years to come.

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