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Wooden Geo board – a perfect educational game for toddlers & preschoolers


Are you searching for a great Wooden Geo Board for your child? This is a perfect educational game for toddlers! Our Wooden Geo board is not only an affordable purchase it’s a fun and engaging activities for kids.

Our Geo Board with colorful rubber bands is as an educational game for toddlers, that is also a math manipulative that explores basic concepts in plane geometry such as perimeter, area and the characteristics of triangles and other polygons. It provides fun for kids and is a popular game for toddlers and preschoolers in many early learning programs.

Geo Board is one of the most commonly seen learning tools in the Montessori classroom environment, it delivers perfect fun activities by serving as a game for kids and toddlers. It’s both a practical life and sensorial activity, for building finger muscle strength and developing visual sense of the kids.

Our Geo Board offers your child the experience of building fine motor skills while exploring how shapes form pictures. For the younger crowd, they’ll simply play by stretching rubber bands across the board and making their own abstract pictures.

Older children can work on forming shapes, letters, and numbers and then using those together to make identifiable pictures such as houses, boats, rockets, ships, heart, stars, and more.

montessori materials wooden geo board

This is a wonderful tool to keep little hands busy and focused. Our Geo Board features 5 pegs across each row allowing for many different configurations.

Take your Geo Board to the next level by developing fun and creative games like:

• Color/number matching and even alphabet (capital letter/small letter matching etc.)

wooden geo board play ideas

• Creating a mini marble maze

wooden geo board play ideas

• Matching colors with pom poms (great motor activities for young kids around 18-24 months).  Add a pair of chopsticks and you’ve got a great activity for preschoolers!

wooden geo board play ideas

There are many free printable worksheets online that you can download so kids can learn about shapes, patterns, numbers, alphabets while using their boards.

Montessori Materials wooden geo board

Also, the board size is only 13 x 13 cm (palm size) and is not heavy to carry kids can enjoy playing with it both in and out of home, and also on a trip in a car or plane!


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